Farm-based therapeutic services

for children, youth, and adults

Triskele Rivers is a 33-acre Care Farm located in Hood River, Oregon. We provide farm-based therapeutic services for children, teens, and adults. We support clients in areas such as managing stress & anxiety, regulating energy, improving attention, developing social skills, parenting support, and managing grief. Our approach integrates Expressive Arts, Animal-Assisted Learning, and Yoga Therapy. We believe in supporting the development of a strong sense of self, compassion, and interpersonal skills.    

Our  programs offer the opportunity for:

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Our Approach

Our Care Farm

Triskele Rivers provides an environment for animals and people that is safe and respectful. Presence, mindfulness, and collaboration are the integral aspects of meaningful engagement in our Care Farm community. 

Our Approach


Our approach is simple. Slowing down and turning our senses inward allows us to develop curiosity, clarity, and self-awareness. We become more aware of how our energy affects our relationships, causes continual patterns of stress, and may even block us from achieving our goals. Yoga Therapy assists us with this process by supporting clients as they discover and relieve habitual patterns of embodying tension/blocked emotions while EAL Expressive Arts/AAL provides great feedback about ourselves, how we are engaging with others and how we are being perceived. When combined, participants are provided with a holistic approach that supports personal growth, awareness, and healing.

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