Hood River, Oregon 97031
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Farm Visits

Come visit our farm and yoga studio in the beautiful Hood River Valley.   We have different options to choose from, but all include walking our property while taking in the double mountain view, observing or interacting with the farm animals, and asking any questions that may come up.  


The animals at Triskele Rivers Care Farm are treated with respect and all are acknowledged as sentient beings, therefore we meet them where they are each day and see how they choose to interact.  Learn to Heart Breathe and notice how the animals respond, slow down, and connect.

Farm Day

Time: 2 hours

Rate: $20/person, $10/13yrs and under, Free/3yrs and under

Up to 10 participants

Enjoy a peaceful walk around, visit with animals, enjoy a picnic.


Enjoy a peaceful walk around our farm as you take in the views while observing the farm animals in their environments. Our guides are available to share information about the animals and answer questions that come up about their care and daily life on the farm.

Animal Experience

Time: 2 hrs

Rate: $35/person 

Up to 10 participants

Spend time on the farm meeting and interacting with the animals. Spend time in the goat pen, or enjoy taking them for a walk in order to lead them to their choice grazing spots.  Sit quietly in the bunny house and see who comes over to investigate. Visit with the horses and get to know their personalities, and see if they become interested in a scratch or a brushing. At the end of your visit relax with a warm or cold beverage and enjoy quiet sit spots on the property.

Yoga/Animal Experience

Time: 2 hrs

Rate: $75/person

4-6 participants, ages 16 and older


The day will start off in our studio space. Participants will enjoy a slow and meditative therapeutic yoga practice combining gentle movement, breathwork, and meditation designed to relax and prepare the mind, body, and soul for quiet time with the animals. Participants will  then have an opportunity to mindfully interact with the animals in the environment. At the end of your experience, relax with tea/cold beverage and enjoy the 33-acre farm with reflective sit spots.

Equine Assisted Learning

Time: 2 hrs

Rate: $80/person 

4 participants, ages 16 & older 


Spend time engaging with the horses.   First, we’ll prepare with some grounding exercises that will support us in becoming present before joining the horses in the arena.  We’ll discuss how we approach the horses in a respectful and mindful manner while taking notice of their body language, along with paying attention to our own breath and body sensations.  Participants will then learn how to invite the horses to play in the arena or see if the equines want to join them on the obstacle course.  At the end of the session, participants will spend reflective time with the horses while they graze, and will be invited to journal, do art around their experience, or just be.