Alternative Therapeutic Services

 Children, Teens, and Adults

Triskele Rivers is a 33 acre farm located in Hood River, Oregon. We offer alternative therapeutic services that support the emotional health of children, teens and adults. Our commitment is to strengthen relationships as families navigate life experiences.

Our individual services utilize various modalities which include partnering with animals, art and sand tray exploration and yoga therapy in order for participants to experience self-inquiry and gain tools to manage and understand their emotions. 

We also offer online parent coaching and support for parents who are experiencing conflict between them and their child or teen and are seeking support in order to gain a deeper connection with their children.

By valuing emotional integrity, strengthening the parent child relationship and holding space for self-directed curiosity, we begin to develop individuals and communities that are consciously aware, compassionate toward differences, and collaborative problem solvers.

Psychic Stones

Listen      Reflect       Connect

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