Farm Experiences

Come visit our farm and yoga studio in the beautiful Hood River Valley. We have different options to choose from, but all include walking our property while taking in the double mountain view, observing or interacting with the farm animals, and asking any questions that may come up.  


The animals at Triskele Rivers Care Farm are treated with respect and all are acknowledged as sentient beings. We meet them where they are each day and see how they choose to interact.  Learn to Heart Breathe and notice how the animals respond, slow down, and connect.

Farm experiences are typically run from June-October. All activities are weather dependent. Register below to pick session date and time. Please contact us by using the form below with questions or if you would like to customize an experience.


Goat Walk/Animal Experience


These farm experiences are great for those seeking quiet connection and time with animals in a beautiful, peaceful location. We are passionate about respecting the animals on the farm. When we enter their space, we do so with respect and understanding. During these visits, you will learn about our philosophy and approach while getting to know the animals that live here. Spend time meeting and interacting with the animals. Visit the goat pen and then enjoy taking them for a walk in order to lead them to their choice grazing spots. Sit quietly in the bunny house and see who comes over to investigate. Get to know our friendly barn cats who adore greeting visitors and often follow us around the farm. Visit with the horses and get to know their personalities through observation, subtle interactions, and simply breathing together. At the end of your visit relax and enjoy our quiet sit spots on the property.

Days: Tuesdays (June-Oct)

Time: 10:30am-12:00pm

Days: Thursdays (June-Oct)

Time: 4:00-5:30

Rate: $75/person 

Maximum of 6 participants, ages 10 & older

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Yoga/Animal Experience

This experience is about nourishing your body and soul, finding connection, slowing down, and taking time to breathe while connecting to the natural world. The day will start off in our open studio space. Enjoy a slow and meditative therapeutic yoga practice combining gentle movement, breathwork, and meditation designed to relax and prepare the mind, body, and soul for quiet time with the animals. You will then have the unique opportunity to mindfully interact with the animals in their environment. Observe the goats and bunnies, or if the opportunity arises, sit with the horses as they peacefully graze. Learn about our philosophy on the farm and why true connection without coercion is so important. At the end of your experience, relax and enjoy the 33-acre farm with reflective sit spots. (No yoga experience necessary and movement is slow and gentle)

Days: Wednesdays (June-Oct)

Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Rate: $100/person

Maximum of 6 participants, ages 16 & older 

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Equine Experience

This experience inspires self-reflection and time to just "be" with the natural world. Explore the power of nonverbal communication and the profound impact of tuning inward. Spend time with the horses exploring relationships, connections, and learning about how we engage with the equines on the farm. First, we’ll prepare with some grounding exercises that will support you in becoming present before joining the horses one at a time in the arena. We’ll discuss how to approach the horses in a respectful and mindful manner while taking notice of their body language, along with paying attention to your breath and body sensations. You will then learn how to invite the horses to see if they will join you for a side-by-side walk at liberty and/or explore an obstacle in the arena. Sometimes, just sharing territory with them in the arena becomes a powerful experience. In the end, you will spend reflective time processing and discussing your observations with the group. (All sessions are done on the ground and no equine experience is necessary)

Dates: Every other Saturday (June 12th-Oct 16th)

Time: 10:00-12:00

Rate: $150/person 

Maximum of 4 participants, ages 16 & older

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***All activities are weather dependent***