Individual Sessions

Animal-Assisted Learning

Animal-Assisted Learning sessions provide therapeutic learning opportunities in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Animal-Assisted Learning has been shown to calm the central nervous system and improve the overall health of those experiencing autism, developmental challenges, difficulty regulating emotions, anxiety, depression, and relational conflicts. Working in relationship with animals, combined with movement and breathing practices can change a person's brain circuitry in a way that builds self-control & positive self-esteem. Research shows that simply being around animals reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure.


As participants care for the animals, they simultaneously develop compassion and self-worth leading to improved communication and socialization skills. Animal-Assisted Learning has similar benefits to Equine-Assisted Learning yet may be more appropriate for those who are overwhelmed by the energy and size of the equines. These sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs and participants have the option of flowing between time with the animals and expressive art time in the studio.

$75 per 1 hour session

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Equine-Assisted Learning

During an individual session, horses are seen as equal partners in supporting learning opportunities during shared experiences. Through a combination of body/breath work, sharing territory, and mindful interactions you will explore connecting to your senses and intuition as you communicate and interact with these highly receptive beings. Horses respond to body language, emotion, and energy in ways that will challenge you to look within at communication patterns that may or may not be serving you. They are somatic masters and will support you to get out of our head and listen to the sensations and information your body is constantly supplying you with.


Participants are drawn to do individual sessions with the equines for multiple reasons. Some of these may include the desire to explore energy, learn to manage anxiety or stress, work with and embrace grief, quiet the mind, or learn how to integrate consensual leadership skills at work or home. Regardless of the reason, participants will explore time with the equines sharing territory and creating connections through listening, observing and staying in the present moment.  All sessions are on the ground.


No horse experience necessary.

$75 per 1 hour session

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy sessions utilize the tools of Yoga to improve emotional and physical health. Yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation and mindfulness practices are used to integrate mind and body. During your session, your clinician will focus on your needs by listening, questioning and observing you in order to recommend a treatment plan that specifically benefits you. Most often, lifestyle, diet, areas of pain and tension and emotional states are discussed while you are empowered to take an active role in your own self care.


You will learn methods that will help you manage your symptoms but also look to uncover the root cause or potential source of stress. You will explore how your body reacts to stress and learn new ways to release long term patterns of embodying tension. Yoga Therapy sessions are beneficial for teens and adults as these patterns develop early in life. A holistic, somatic approach is used to address many areas of focus including anxiety, stress, pain, self-awareness, personal challenges and self-regulation.

$75 per 1 hour session

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Clients can chose either Animal-Assisted Learning, Yoga Therapy or Equine-Assisted Learning or can arrange for a combination of services.
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