A place where people come to experience balance by connecting to animals, nature and themselves

Triskele Rivers Care Farm is an inclusive community where collaboration, freedom of choice and self-expression are all honored. Whether you participate in our Equine-Assisted Learning, Yoga Therapy or Animal-Assisted Learning Sessions, we provide a safe space that supports unconditional belonging and mindful regard for each other. 

Equine-Assisted Learning Sessions

Through a combination of body/breath work, sharing territory, and mindful interactions participants will explore connecting to their senses and intuition as they communicate and interact with these highly receptive beings. Click here to schedule an appointment or learn more about Equine Assisted Learning sessions.

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Yoga Equipment
Yoga Therapy
For Children and Adults

Yoga Therapy offers a prescriptive practice of yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation and mindfulness to address specific health, wellness and developmental goals. These sessions are highly adaptable for both children and adults. Click here to schedule or learn more about Yoga Therapy sessions.

Animal-Assisted Learning
Individual & Group Sessions

These sessions are designed to provide an opportunity to experience growth, connection and belonging as participants engage in Animal-Assisted Learning, Yoga/Mindfulness and Nature/Farm-based activities. Click here to register or learn more about our Animal-Assisted Learning Individual & Group sessions.