Yoga Therapy
For Teens and Adults

Yoga Therapy for emotional support

Our Yoga Therapy sessions support individuals as they explore and learn to manage their emotions and behavioral patterns.

Yoga Therapy goes beyond asana (movements and postures) and looks deeper at a person's thoughts and habits of mind and the impact they play on their emotional and physical health. Clients will explore the qualities of their mind, breathing patterns and movement in order to gain a better understanding of themselves.This allows shifts in perception to occur. In order to manage emotional challenges, it is essential to uncover the habits that are supporting them.

Through customized breath work, meditation, mindfulness and movement practices, individuals learn to:

  • Lessen anxiety and stress

  • Move through life with more joy and ease

  • Trust themselves and their decisions

  • Feel more confident and content

  • Explore negative thinking

  • Manage their nervous system

  • Understand their relationship to pain

Yoga Therapy sessions are highly customizable to meet your individual physical and emotional needs.

No prior yoga experience necessary. In person and online Zoom sessions available.

Yoga Therapists are specially trained to utilize the teachings and practices of yoga to address specific mental health and physical conditions. All sessions are provided by a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist (certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapists)


Yoga Therapy for Adults and Teens

Yoga Therapy is holistic approach that can help with:

  • Anxiety/Grief/Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Chronic Pain

  • Digestion

  • Inflammatory or autoimmune conditions

  • Medical conditions complicated by stress

Rates: $105/1 hour session

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"This healing modality has been more helpful than any of the others that my daughter has tried. It took her a little time to notice and sink into the experience, but with each session, she grew more aware of how it is supporting her in healing, physically, psychologically, and neurologically. Ann is gifted in holding space and making her clients feel safe to explore the many nuances that may be interfering with the healing process. Through movement and dialogue, she supports her clients in becoming "unstuck" in their body and mind. We would highly recommend Ann for Yoga Therapy for whatever your struggles may be."  ~ Parent of teen client (17)

Holistically restore balance in your life so that you can move through challenges with more ease. 

Manage your central nervous system and understand how stress, anxiety, anger, and fear affect your overall health.

Learn natural, evidence-based techniques to help improve the quality of your life.

In person and online Zoom sessions available


"Through Yoga Therapy with Ann, I am working with my brain and not just my body. I have developed awareness of breath and have noticed profound changes in my mental acuity. I have a deeper sense of calmness, balance and relaxation"    ~ Private Client