Alternative Therapeutic Services

 Children, Teens, and Adults

Triskele Rivers offers alternative therapeutic services that support the emotional health of children, teens, and adults. We offer in-person sessions as well as online Parent Coaching services.


Art & Animal Sessions at the farm provide a unique therapeutic experience for children and teens. We hold space for our young clients to express themselves without judgment or value placed on an intended outcome or goal. This creates a safe opportunity for the children and teens to find their voice, express feelings freely, and discover and explore their personal needs. This sets the foundation for healthier relationships with self, family, and friends. 


Yoga Therapy Sessions offer teens and adults an alternative approach to understanding and managing their emotions. Individuals learn how breathing patterns and negative thinking affect their state of mind and behaviors. By linking breath and movement, clients are able to manage their nervous system in new ways. This allows for shifts in perspective, positive behavior changes, and better relationships with themselves and others. 

By valuing emotional integrity, strengthening the parent child relationship and holding space for self-directed curiosity, we begin to develop individuals and communities that are consciously aware, compassionate toward differences, and collaborative problem solvers.

Psychic Stones

Listen      Reflect       Connect

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