Due to the current situation with Covid-19, we are temporarily suspending all in-person services. We are following the recommended guidelines to maintain the health of our community. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again soon. Thank you for your support and patience. 

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A Compassionate Community For People And Animals

Offering Farm-Based Wellness services for children, youth and adults

Triskele Rivers is a 33-acre Care Farm located in Hood River, Oregon. We provide farm-based wellness services integrating the foundational principles of Animal-Assisted Learning and Yoga Therapy practices. Our services support the development of a strong sense of self, compassion and interpersonal skills. Working within our care farm community allows for opportunities to listen, observe, and interact with others in order to gain a profound sense of awareness that influences how we respond vs react to life’s challenges and opportunities. Through active experiences at Triskele Rivers, participants are able to transfer the skills they gain on the farm to everyday life.  

Our  programs offer the opportunity for:

  • Animal-Assisted Learning

  • Yoga Therapy

  • Space for quiet reflection

  • Self-expression through art material

  • Farm experiences on our 33 acres

Our Approach

What is Care Farming

Care Farming is the use of farming practices as a way to provide healing, social/emotional, educational and overall wellness services to communities. Care Farming combines caring for animals and people in environments that are safe and respectful. Presence, mindfulness, and collaboration are the integral aspects of meaningful engagement in these communities. 

Our Vision


To create a community where people come and connect to animals, nature and themselves. Through the use of Care Farming practices, we envision a community where people and animals grow and thrive together. A place where people can slow down, quiet their minds and re-nourish their senses leading to improved health and well-being.

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