Hood River, Oregon 97031
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Our Animal Family



Chance is our sentinel. He keeps watch over everyone and is a gentle and quiet leader. You wouldn’t know he was the leader until you tune into his subtle energy and way of being. He was a “rescue” and we are not sure of his exact history. He came to us in 2015 with an incredible curiosity that, along with the development of healthy relationships, helped heal him of any past trauma.



Hamilton joined us in 2017 along with Merlin.They were not living in the best of conditions and Hamilton was very withdrawn when we first met him. During his time with us, he has come out of his shell and delights us with his playful antics. We think Hamilton may have been a dog in a past life and has not yet realized he has been reincarnated into a horse. He is a sweet being with much love to share.



Merlin is a very rare twin that asked to come home with us in 2017 when we went to get Hamilton. Merlin brought with him a lot of insecurities and anxious tendencies. Since his arrival, he has experienced tremendous healing and is beginning to find his inner resources and trust that life is pretty good. He reminds us that with patience, time and relationship we can all heal.  



Frodo is our longest resident. He has been in his mid-twenties for the last 8 years. Frodo teaches us that just because you get older, you don’t have to act “old”. He brings lightness into the herd and is a reminder to not take life too seriously.  

Our Goat Family


We have eight members in our tribe of goats. The moms are Daisy and Callie. The triplets are Hermes, Quasi, and Artemis. The twin's go by Morgana "Moe" and Loui. We also have Archie who was rescued from a county fair and found a home with us. We love going on walks and playing with our goat family.

Rory and Dewey


Our beloved barn cats keep watch and love to greet visitors and stroll with the horses. Rory was a very young mother raising six kittens when we adopted her and her son Dewey from Home at Last. They keep guard over the barn, never letting the rodents into the horse's snacks. They love to hunt, meander around the farm and engage with visitors.  

Maple, Cedar, and Oak


Then there are the three young rabbit siblings! They spend their days playing, jumping, chewing and exploring. They truly enjoy hanging out with humans.