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Come visit our farm in the beautiful Hood River Valley. We have two options to choose from, both include walking our property while taking in the double mountain view, observing or interacting with the farm animals, and asking any questions that may come up.  


The animals at Triskele Rivers are treated with respect and all are acknowledged as sentient beings. We meet them where they are each day and see how they choose to interact.  Learn to slow down and notice how the animals respond and connect.

Farm visits typically run from May-October, but can take place at other times depending on the weather. You can choose one of the options below. Please contact us by using the form below if you have questions or would like to schedule a visit.

All activities are weather dependent.


Therapeutic Farm Time

Are you feeling stressed, tired, overworked? Are you managing grief or sadness? Are you seeking a bit of joy and playfulness? These visits may be perfect for you. Spending time with animals is known to lower blood pressure, increase heart rate variability and release stress. Come spend time with our cows, horses, goats, bunnies or cats. Your guide will help you settle in and answer questions.This special time is meant for individuals but can include one other person that you may choose to bring. Sessions are one hour and are for people age 14 and older.

Rate: $140

1-2 people

Age: 14 and older

Duration: 1 hour

**Exceptions for age can be made whenever appropriate. Please contact us if you have questions.**

Family Farm Time


These farm experiences are great for families seeking quiet connection in a beautiful, peaceful location. In this visit, your family will have access to the farm and opportunities to meet and engage with the animals. Your guide will share our philosophy and approach. You'll hear the animals' stories and what they teach us about slowing down, awareness and living in the moment. Visit the goat pen and then enjoy taking them for a walk in order to lead them to their choice grazing spots. Sit quietly in the bunny house and see who comes over to investigate. Get to know our friendly barn cats who adore greeting visitors and often follow us around the farm. Visit with the horses and learn their personalities through observation and simply breathing together. Spend time with our mini-cow Bella and give her love and scratches. Unwind, pack a snack and relax and enjoy our quiet sit spots on the property. 

Rate: $190

3-5 family members

Duration: 1.5 hours

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