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Children's Mentoring Program

We offer in-person sessions that incorporate:

  • Partnering with animals

  • Art and Sand Tray exploration

  • Nervous System Regulation

  • A Parent Coaching component


Skills developed through individual sessions:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Confidence

  • Self-Regulation

  • Self-Compassion

  • Attention

  • Communication

  • Setting healthy boundaries/relationships

  • Self-Acceptance/Individuality

  • Leadership

We also offer Mentoring for Teen Girls (ages 13-15) 

Many people, but particularly children, respond to this type of therapeutic intervention. Children typically heal through play. Therapeutic services on the farm allow children to move, access a variety of sensory input and become grounded. When children feel safe and grounded, they become more aware of and are willing to discuss their inner experiences. A session on the farm might include someone walking the goats, sitting quietly with the bunnies, playing with our barn cats, breathing with our horses, doing farm chores together, learning the needs of all our animals or simply exploring the property. In the studio, time is spent exploring art materials, sand tray processing, playing therapeutic games or doing some self-regulation activities. No matter how a client decides to spend their time, the focus is on developing healthy, safe relationships that inspire healing and can be transferred to life outside of the farm.

This program is meant for clients seeking multiple, ongoing visits. Sessions are self-directed, and participants can choose to engage in activities that they are drawn to on any given day. The variety of modalities offer opportunities for deep connection and reflection.​

Parent Involvement:

We have learned that in order for children to thrive, their parents need support as well. Part of our program involves communicating with parents so they can learn what is happening during their child's session, reflect on their role in the relationship and receive the support they need to grow in partnership with their children. We evaluate each family's needs and offer Parent Support sessions for families that need additional support.

These sessions give children the autonomy they need to reflect and process their emotions. They become emotionally empowered and confident to navigate life's challenges.

Ages 7 - 12

$110/1 hour session

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